Biking Home for Charity


Following a week working out in Cologne at the Gamescom expo a small group from various UK games companies got together to ride back from Cologne to the UK, a distance of 350 miles over three days.  In the process we raised around $8000 for children’s charities.  There were six riders in all including two from OnLive, myself and James Beaven along with two drivers in the support vehicle. Having never ridden more than 60 miles in one day before this was something new altogether.

Stats across the three days include:

Total distance: 352.4 miles (91.8/134.5/115.5/6.5)

Total climbing: 18445 feet

Total riding time: 29 hours

Calories burned: ~22,000

Countries crossed: 5 (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK)

Crashes: 3

Ibuprofen consumed: Significant

Was a great adventure and a huge amount of fun.

Bruce Grove, General Manager OnLive UK

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