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Biking Home for Charity

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Following a week working out in Cologne at the Gamescom expo a small group from various UK games companies got together to ride back from Cologne to the UK, a distance of 350 miles over three days.  In the process we raised around $8000 for children’s charities.  There were six riders in all including two from OnLive, myself and James Beaven along with two drivers in the support vehicle. Having never ridden more than 60 miles in one day before this was something new altogether.

Stats across the three days include:

Total distance: 352.4 miles (91.8/134.5/115.5/6.5)

Total climbing: 18445 feet

Total riding time: 29 hours

Calories burned: ~22,000

Countries crossed: 5 (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK)

Crashes: 3

Ibuprofen consumed: Significant

Was a great adventure and a huge amount of fun.

Bruce Grove, General Manager OnLive UK

Team OnLive at GamesCom

Posted in OnLive 2013 on August 22, 2013 by brucegrove
Bruce Grove, General Manager OnLive UK

Bruce Grove, General Manager OnLive UK

Guten tag from Cologne!

This week on the OnLive Blog we’re heading to Cologne, Germany, for an onsite report from our OnLive UK team direct from GamesCom.

GamesCom is a cross between PAX and E3, but with more beer and sausage. This year over 150,000 gamers are expected to descend on the Koln Messe exhibition hall for a 5-day gamefest.

The excitement is growing as gamers from all over Europe pour into this historic city. Big publishers like Warner Bros, Square Enix, Sega, and Ubisoft are showing off their latest releases, and we may even see some announcements for new games coming next year. Yesterday, GamesCom opened its gates to stampeding hordes desperate to get hands-on with the latest games – and we do literally mean stampede!

Team OnLive will be here meeting with game publishers and developers, and of course checking in with some of the highlights from the show floor. On Saturday morning, as the doors close on the event’s business area, James Beaven and I will be packing away the demo gear and breaking out the lycra for an epic, insanely long 352-mile cycle ride for the games industry charity, GamesAid.

352 miles doesn’t sound too bad – unless you try and do it in three-and-a-half days! Yup, instead of flying back from Germany to the UK like normal people James and I, with four other similarly deranged game execs, will be taking the long way home.

Starting from their hotel in Cologne, Team OnLive will be spending up to 12 hours a day in the saddle, across four countries to the ferry port of Dieppe, France. After a short crossing, we’ll complete the last 40 miles into the UK’s seaside town of Brighton.

We promise to do their best to report in with updates, locations and photos from the ride. We’ve also devised a pain-o-meter to help describe the levels of soreness we’ll experience over the three-and-a-half days.

Wish us good luck.

Bruce Grove, General Manager OnLive UK