Get in the Race and Win Big! WRC3: FIA World Rally Championship Community Tournament 2013


Fire up that turbocharged beast for a run through the world’s most demanding FIA venues. Whether your poison is the Citroën 300 bhp DS3, or the Mini Cooper 1.6L bad boy, these demanding courses will cause your teeth to chatter and leave your hood flapping in the wind!

We’re excited to announce the WRC3: FIA World Rally Championship Community Tournament on the OnLive Game Service. We are going full blast this time around with a Qualifier + 5 round tournament bracket. We’ve upped the prizes, we’ve upped the level of competition, and we’ve selected a series of tracks that we think will challenge the experienced and provide a progression for those getting into rally racing for the first time.
The Qualifier Round is happening now! Submissions must be received by April 17th. The top 32 racers will be seeded in the tournament and begin the head to head competition, leading to the championship face off on May 22.

-Grand prize includes an OnLive Game System, a Universal OnLive Wireless Controller worth $150!
-Second place receives a Universal OnLive Wireless Controller and 3 months of PlayPack.
-2 runners-up receive 3 months of PlayPack!

For complete rules and to check out the bracket, updated weekly, visit
Go! Go! Go! Go!

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