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New Update Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Posted in OnLive 2013 on April 17, 2013 by John Speck


New Update Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Some of you noticed that we added some new settings to the OnLive Game client that can enhance the visual quality and responsiveness of your game experience. We’re excited to see that the new options have been well received by our customers. That makes sense, because most of these improvements came from suggestions that our online community made to us. My thanks to all of you who have spoken up!

Whether you’re one of the many newcomers to OnLive or a longtime cloud gamer, here’s a quick walkthrough of what’s new, and how to get the best results for your computer and connection.

Bandwidth: In most cases, OnLive automatically detects the correct bandwidth for your connection. However, we wanted to give users on the latest and greatest high-speed connections the ability to try out the higher data rates. You may now override the automatic detection and specify up to 12Mbps. Alternatively, if you’re on a low-end machine or connection and have had trouble staying connected to OnLive in the past, choose a lower setting such as 3 or 4 Mbps. Select “Automatic” to let the game service determine the bandwidth.

Window Modes: This sets the window mode that OnLive will start in: choose Low-latency Fullscreen, Fullscreen, or Windowed. If you’re into high-speed action and responsiveness is your priority, we recommend selecting the Low-latency Fullscreen option. Fullscreen Low-latency may also help to improve performance on low-end machines. This option is only available on Windows machines.

Netbook Mode: Toggle this On to optimize play for lower-performance machines or to try and conserve battery power.


Optimize for Wi-Fi: It is not always possible to detect Wi-Fi connections for users using wireless bridges. This option allows you to override this. Toggle this On to for optimal play over a wireless connection.


Play Audio in Background: Set audio to play even when OnLive is not the main window.

Vertical Sync: Disabling vertical sync can improve performance and reduce latency, but at a cost to visual fidelity. As with the screen mode, you might want to toggle this on if graphics are high priority, but toggle it Off for faster-action games.

Last Performance Test: If you’re not sure what your machine can support, you can also review the results of your latest performance test on this screen, including latency, bandwidth, packet loss, and an assessment of your computer’s ability to decode video.

Some of our customers have asked when this functionality may be available on our other clients. OnLive users have a wide range of setups—and preferences—depending on how and what they like to play. We rolled out these choices to see what’s most popular with PC or Mac users as these users benefit the most from the new features, and to respond to demands from fans. As we gather feedback on how these improvements are used, we’ll look to which make sense to bring to our many other client platforms. For those of you with an OnLive Game System, know that you’ve been getting the benefit of many of these optimizations since day one.

If you’re one of the many who have checked out these features, we’re really proud and grateful for the enthusiastic support. If not, we hope you take a moment to download the client and check them out for yourself.


John Speck, Director of Engineering, OnLive

Note: The “More settings” option appears on the Sign In screen of the OnLive client on your PC or Mac. If your client is setup to connect automatically, hit cancel during the connection process.

Get in the Race and Win Big! WRC3: FIA World Rally Championship Community Tournament 2013

Posted in OnLive 2013 on April 12, 2013 by olwriter


Fire up that turbocharged beast for a run through the world’s most demanding FIA venues. Whether your poison is the Citroën 300 bhp DS3, or the Mini Cooper 1.6L bad boy, these demanding courses will cause your teeth to chatter and leave your hood flapping in the wind!

We’re excited to announce the WRC3: FIA World Rally Championship Community Tournament on the OnLive Game Service. We are going full blast this time around with a Qualifier + 5 round tournament bracket. We’ve upped the prizes, we’ve upped the level of competition, and we’ve selected a series of tracks that we think will challenge the experienced and provide a progression for those getting into rally racing for the first time.
The Qualifier Round is happening now! Submissions must be received by April 17th. The top 32 racers will be seeded in the tournament and begin the head to head competition, leading to the championship face off on May 22.

-Grand prize includes an OnLive Game System, a Universal OnLive Wireless Controller worth $150!
-Second place receives a Universal OnLive Wireless Controller and 3 months of PlayPack.
-2 runners-up receive 3 months of PlayPack!

For complete rules and to check out the bracket, updated weekly, visit
Go! Go! Go! Go!